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Hello friends, I'm Kallie Cooper but, you can call me Kal or you can even Kal Pal (yes, that is what my friends call me)  I decided to take the liberty to write up a list of funny-random things about me so all of you can get to know me better!

  • I could eat a jar of "Bread and Butter Pickels" EVERYDAY
  • Root beer.. Just root beer *heart eye emoji* 
  • I have an obsession with lipstick
  • The youngest of 4
  • Accidentally born on my parent's bed (yep, I came out of the womb making a grand entrance)
  • I am a hoarder of scrapbook paper scraps
  • Sewing machines hate me
  • I work at The Little Gym and teach little kiddies gymnastics
  • Craft stores are heaven on earth
  • I am an 'online' shopaholic
  • Dove Chocolate is my absolute weakness (the yummy chocolate + the nice compliment/fortune, how do you resist?!)
  • I take far too many pictures
  • I spend a lot of my time watching Netflix, not ashamed
  • I have a slight obsession with the dollar spot at Target

Woah, that was a lot of stuff! That's pretty much everything you need to know about me, I'm an open book.

I am a lot younger than a lot of other bloggers. I am a junior in High School. Yep, a junior. Sometimes I feel like I am a 20 somethin' year-old trapped in a teen's body. Ha!

I originally started Life Through a Lens to document my journey through High School. Soon I realized how much I love the blogging world. Now you can find everything from DIYs, recipes and of course some fashion things here. I take this whole blog thing way too seriously and treat it like my baby.

I also am a part-time photographer and videographer. Wanna know more? Check out the Videography tab for more information!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to stay awhile!

Okay, now go eat some chocolate because, I said so.

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