4 months postpartum. I’ve talked a lot about Logan + her updates.. but.. i haven’t talked about mine. (Lets be honest we’d all rather hear about her than me #StarOfTheShow) ⠀⠀
Postpartum is a crazy thing. I’ve always been terrified about what i would look like after a pregnancy. Will i be lucky and lose all the weight fast? Will i have to work my booty off? Will it ever come off?⠀⠀
The fact of the matter is this.. whether you do end up losing it quick or it takes awhile.. you still look at your body differently. ⠀⠀
One day, you have a big belly + the next, it’s just gone and you are left with broken pieces of self love. ⠀⠀
I’m not here to be “an inspiration” or make it sound like my words are better than anyone else.. cuz I’m definitely not the most qualified to be talking about this.. BUT my point is.. to remind us.. we all struggle.⠀⠀

Whether you are 4 weeks postpartum and you are already back to pre pregnancy or you are 8 month postpartum and still don’t fit into your jeans.. ⠀

we all JUST created life. ⠀

The body we once knew is gone. Like i said, even if you are.. heck.. even smaller than pre pregnancy your body still is different. You still had a BABY IN YOUR BODY. A FULL BLOWN BABY. It’s still hard to process that you are just different now. Maybe your hips are bigger now. Maybe you have stretch marks. Maybe there is stretchy skin on your belly. Maybe your abs are still so weak.. ⠀

Even if you’ve lost the weight or haven’t lost the weight.. we all struggle..⠀

Promise me to take time to really thank your body okay? Exercise. Stretch. Meditate. I know it’ll help. The days I’m feeling low bc my high waisted jeans STILL won’t button..i go and stand in front of the mirror + envision my 9 month prego belly.. + then.. open. I open my eyes and see a miracle. ⠀

we are in this together... saggy boobs unite ✌🏼