O N E M O N T H O L D 🤍✨ ⠀
Logan loves bath time, enjoys her swaddle and hates her car seat. We have absolutely loved having her home with us the past 4 weeks.⠀
In her first month of life she’s been through 5 days in the NICU, a global pandemic, survived an earthquake and currently knows a world of no NBA. ⠀
Insane. ⠀
Not gonna lie, I’ve had some added anxiety and guilt thinking about her perfect soul and innocent little self here, in this crazy world. Being in our little newborn bubble in my home during the quarantine, hasn’t been bad.. my home is my “shelter from the storm” my “safe haven” but when, in an instant, my home wasn’t safe anymore? That was rough. I was holding my brand new daughter as the world started to shake. ⠀
Something that’s giving me comfort is knowing that she was prepared for this time. I know that it will all be okay. Love you logan girl.. happiest 4 weeks❤️❤️ | Her blanket is sooo soft and stretchy and I LOVE it! Definitely my most used blanket for her! It’s from @rafeandmoose and you can use the code ‘KALLIE35’ for 35% off your order!🤍🤍