We love our cozy Sunday mornings after church. It's the best to be able to come home, study our scriptures, make a yummy breakfast and uh HELLO watch The Office! ;) 

Fun fact, I didn't really know how to make French Toast when we got married. I mean obviously I knew you mix eggs with milk and cinnamon but like how much milk? Do you add the cinnamon first? I had no clue!h Haha! It's made me have to look up super yummy recipes on Pinterest. Did you know adding flour, makes the toast extra fluffy and amazing? Who knew!? Not  I!

This amazing dress is from Brickyard Buffalo and can someone please slap me cuz GIRL I should have purchased one of these bad boys aaaages ago. Have you heard of House Dresses? You haven't?! Well you're welcome cuz I just changed your life. ;) Talk about commfffyy and flipping cute. 
Ya know when you roll outta bed and your to do list consists of doing the dishes, mopping the floor and maybe running to Swig? That is when you throw this dress on. So cute. So comfy. I'm obsessed and will forever be in debt to my mother for gifting this to me. 

Welp folks, yo girl is all about the breakfast life and having this super hot guy around sure makes it a heck of a ton better! ;) 

Hope you all had a great holiday season!