I was counting down the days to hit this milestone! Part of me is like "Holy moly this is flying by!" and the other part is like "I have literally been pregnant forever!)

Symptoms I have been dealing with...

- Acid reflux + heartburn -
Every night I feel like I am breathing straight up FIRE!

- Lots of movement from chica -
She loves to move around at night and after I eat! Tyler has even been able to feel her!

- Addicted to Oranges -
No lie, I am obsessed. I can't explain it but, let's just say.. oranges hit. the. spot.

- I have never had a chest this big ;) -
I mean how do you even run up the stairs with these things?! Haha

- Feeling good at the gym but at the same time get super winded just picking up something off the floor -
I don't quite understand how I can run 2 miles and feel like my good ol' self but am out breath foldign laundry??

- Nausea -
I am just convinced it wont ever go away. I take medicine every. single. day. :) :) :) :)

Overall, i am feeling pretty good. I definitely feel large though! I normally have a super short torso and short legs so I end up wearing high waisted jeans and shorter cut shirts. Welp, that does not work so well with a big ol' belly. None of my shirts cover my tummy... hahah


Jacket (Mine is old but here is a super cute one!) | DressShoes | Bag

Happy halfway mark errybody!