If you follow me on the gram, you probably saw Tyler surprised me a long awaited honeymoon! When we got married in October of 2017 we couldn't go because of Tyler's job and then we kept pushing it back, bought a house..ya know the usual..;) I begged Tyler to book tickets somewhere..ANYWHERE! On Christmas I opened up those acupressure sea band bracelets for motion sickness and then he handed me tickets to a cruise! Woot woot!

The past few days I have posted our trip and a few of you have asked about my outfits. I would just share on my stories or something but yo home gurl doesn't have swipe up so I figured this might be easier!

I will share links to my clothes and then share a similar item. I'm going to be a honest, I hang onto clothes a very long time and some of the stuff I wore is up to 2 years old so obviously isn't available but I tried my best!

Click the photo or title to shop.

O U T F I T  # 2

O U T F I T  # 3

That's about it folks.. 
If you saw something I was wearing or anything just dm me and I will try to find a link or at least to something similar! 

I do have to mention a few ladies..

1: My eyelash babe. Her name is Kelli and is phenomenal. I always love to get lashes for a vacation. I literally wore make up 2 times the whole trip.. can I get a hallelujah?! Praise her soul.
Here is IG if you want to look into her. No joke she did an amazing job!  My eyes weren't irritated or felt like the lashes were too heavy AND the fall out hasn't been bad at all and I'm only a week in and they still look great! 

Okay so 2: Mia. 
I wanted my hair to have a lil' pick me up and lightened. SO I went to this babe and I am so happy with the turnout. I am just so excited for sun kissed hair.. * heart eyes * 

Peace on earth babes..