If you guys don't know, Tyler and I bought a FREAKIN' house in September!! We are so dang excited to have this under our list of accomplishments.

I had no idea how hard it would be decorate an entire house. It's easy when its your friend's house and you're not the one paying for everything.. and heck they aren't holes in your walls! So who cares! ;) Kidding!
I have been doing things little by little to make sure it's MY style and not what is just trendy, ya know?

I run my business, K.C. Film & Photo full time now *praise the heavens* so I needed a legitimate office.

Here is a little sneak peak!! EEK! I am so excited!

One day I will be able to share it all! Ha! Until then, I will just be editing away in my cute little office!

Hope you are all doing amazing. I miss being on this space.. I hope this year I will be able to actually post on here more often! Here's to 2019!!