Hey hey homies! I recently had this huge urge to organize my life. I first headed to my purse to organize and fill it with things I regularly go "Ugh I forgot that at home"  so I have it all with me.. ya know just makin' my life easier! 

Feel free to shop by clicking the name of each item or the image itself! ;) 

I can't find my exact bag since it was in The Dollar Spot at Target but here are similar ones! 

First things first..

These changed the game for me. I didn't want to drop a bajillion dollars to organize my purse by buying a fancy insert or something. SO in come clear bags. My friend on IG recommended these and I bought them. Super cheap and they keep all your stuff organized. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Here is to trying to keep our purses organized and keeping the empty/half drunk water bottles out ;)