I'll be the first one to say it.. I don't always think before I speak, buy something (sorry Tyler), post or even just how I spend my day in general. I get caught up in the go-go-go that I don't take time actually think about what I am doing.

Conclusion? It's driving me bonkers. (yep, I said bonkers.. deal wit it)

I decided I needed a revamp of my life. When I say life I mean how I saw life. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? I just want everything I do be something I am insanely stoked about and proud of. Everything I buy I want it to really mean something. Every word I say needs to be something I feel honored to say.


I took a break from the whole social media shebang.

Okay let me preface by saying I didn't take an actual "No viewing any social media" break but, a "Im not posting, worry about posting, sharing bits of my life.. nothing" break.

It was hard. It was a weird transition for me. I felt like I didn't even touch my camera button on my phone. I thought to myself, "Why take that photo, it's not like Im gonna post it?" SO dumb. I took like 0 (yep you read that right) photos the entire break.

I was off from posting for 21 days. Not gonna lie, I wanted to post. I missed it. I think thats actually a good thing! That means this is something I actually care about. I didn't post or make a peep on the IG for three whole weeks.

Coming back I have this strong desire to share intentionally. To not just click publish because I needed to post today to stick to my editorial calendar but rather post because I wanted someone out there to hear me. I think it's easy to take you (as a reader) your time for granted. I think "they will for sure read this entire post" way too often. Why do I feel like I am more important than her child that needs her? Why do I feel like she should spend more time reading about my life than serving those around her? I need to be humble. I realize now that your time is of great worth. For you to like a post, comment or even send a DM.. that takes time! Time out of your precious life!

Not only do I want to be intentional in my social sharing but in my day to day life. It's 10 AM and I just got done doing a load of laundry and I start to scroll IG.. what is a better use of my time? I go out instead. Instead of sitting on my butt I find a way to serve others, to help people around me, to make sure my loved ones are happy and healthy! We can all be more intentional, whether that's how you spend your day or what you say to your husband!

I am so grateful for this community and this urge I have to only share what truly matters. I want to share things that could be of benefit to you and not just another link to a cute shirt..ya know?

Here I am.. ready for this new journey on the world wide web. Let's do this.

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