I was shocked. I had no idea that even had a ring! Surprised would be the only word best to describe my reaction.


Tyler and I had been talking about getting engaged for a long time now. That may or may not be a surprise to some of you. I'm gonna go into all the details about how I came to the decision of wanting to marry Tyler and how I've been dealing with people's opinions.


Back in May, Tyler and I went to grab some breakfast for lunch after he got off work. Next to the restaurant was a diamond store. Of course, I thought "hey we should go in there after" but no way in heck was I gonna make that move. Well, we finished our food and walked out and Tyler told me we should go in just for fun. DONE. I was like umm heck yeah! So we went in and looked at rings. We didn't find anything but it still was so cool to be there with him. You dream about this day, ladies and it was finally here for me.

On July 24th of 2017 Tyler asked for my dad's blessing.

On July 27th of 2017 Tyler and I had our most serious conversation and decided right then and there we were going to get married.

Fast forward a few weeks, Tyler had told me in a round-a-bout way that he hadn't been able to find a ring yet. He also asked me when the latest he could propose was so that we could still get married on our ideal date. So when we went to Oregon with his family for their annual family vacay, I didn't think he would propose. Heck I didn't even think he had a ring!

On August 8th 2017 Tyler got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

That day we went to the beach with all the nieces and nephews. We played in the sand and just acted like any other day. For dinner we went to Newport and ate at Mo's. I got delicious shrimp and some crab legs. They were daaang good. Then we went over to a lighthouse to see tide pools. On the way their, my cute soon to be sis in law played Tyler's and my song in the car. I got the feels. I just stared at him and was just so content with everything. He was amazing.
We go to the lighthouse and it was freezing cold. It was crazy windy and I was wearing a hat.. *rolls eyes @ myself*. Tyler and me and his two sisters ran around the lighthouse to see where we could take a cute family picture. They told Tyler and I to do the first pic. I put my hand around Tyler and realized my hat was going to fly off! So I quickly ran my hat back to his sister who was holding the camera and immediately I felt like this was the time. I don't know how to explain it. I just knew. Tyler put his arm around me and acted as if we were taking a picture. Next thing I knew he turned me around, away from the cameras and told me basically that he wanted to wait a year to get married. I just kept saying "okay...okay.." and then he said "But then I thought about it some more and I know that October is when we should get married". He turned me around and got down on one knee. At this point, he pulled out the ring box and I had the tiniest thought that maybe he bought a ring from the aquarium we went to and this is all a joke. I asked him if it was a joke and before he could answer he opened the box and I saw my ring. My heart melted. This was it. He said the sweetest things, that I wish I could remember word for word and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes.

We hugged, we kissed and we laughed. I was on cloud 9. I immediately hugged all of his family and just couldn't stop staring at the ring.

I can't put in words the feelings I felt that day. The best way is just pure happiness. Ill never forget that night, I had my ring on and we were with his family and he was little ways away from me in the beach house. I looked up at him and just thought to myself "Im gonna marry that guy. Im his fiancé. Im wearing an engagement ring. I am so lucky"

We are so happy. I can't wait to share with you more about wedding plans and future plans for The Davis fam. -- thats right, my last name will be Davis. Holla!

Thank you for all of your support. I can't thank you enough. I love ya!