Before I get started I want to tell you about my amazing photographer. She is my sweet friend, Brooke. I love her to pieces and knew she needed to shoot my wedding. Being in this business, I have a lot of friends that are amazing photographers. But brooke's style and how we clicked when we first met.. it was meant to be. I would recommend her to anyone! 

On October 20th 2017 I married my best friend. We got sealed for time and all eternity in the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple at 12:45 pm.

When I woke up that morning it didn't feel real. Today was my wedding day.. not my sister's, not my friend's but MY wedding day. My friend, Hailee Day did my hair and I loved it. I did my own makeup and was surprisingly only 10 minutes behind schedule. Driving to the temple with (for the last time) my fiancé, was surreal. Knowing that the next time we were in that car.. we would be married.

The sealing was beautiful. I smiled the. whole. time. This experience was so special and close to my heart that at this time, I want to keep the details to myself.

I hugged my little niece Halle first. She was over the moon excited for us to finally get married and to see my wedding dress. Her love for Tyler is actually the cutest thing ever and I'm actually obsessed with them. Haha!

This is my new family.. the Davis'.

I am so grateful for my parents and all of their support.

My gorgeous bridesmaids had THE cutest necklaces made by Alyssa Tate Jewelry! I absolutely love them and their simplicity. I wanted them to have something they could wear on a regular basis and this piece is just that. These would be so cute in a stack of necklaces or even alone with a Tee. I am obsessed!
 Now for the groomsmen! These guys are seriously like Tyler's brothers. It has been so fun getting to know them. I feel so blessed to call them all my close friends. And don't even get me started on these ties!! They are amazing. For real the perfect tie for the wedding. I didn't want just one solid color, I wanted something that could incorporate a few of my wedding colors. ZUZU Wear aka my favorite place to get Tyler's ties, had the perfect tie. The guys were so stoked about them. They are "sick" and "dope" ;) I love Zuzu and their amazing company. I'm telling ya, you are going to want to check out their site.

It was our perfect, windy, beautiful and special day. I easily could of freaked out about the weather and how everyone was freezing or the fact that I didn't have an earring back or that I thought my face looked fat buuuut I didn't. All because I married my best friend.

It was amazing. Simply amazing. I can't put into words how this day felt. It didn't feel real. I never was the bride, just the videographer shooting the bride.. and this was my turn. It was my turn to hug the family, to kiss the husband and to look beautiful. I couldn't of asked for a better sealing. Aaah... my heart is so full.

Stay tuned to see our reception! So many more amazing companies, pictures and funny stories to tell!