Ty and I are officially MARRIED! I can't wait to tell you all about it. It was pure bliss. Actually, I would say magical. Yeah... magical is the right word. These first few days of marriage have been unreal. You guys.. I live with my best friend. Like heck.. how does it get better than that?? 

We are so excited to share our life together. These little apartment days are what it's all about. 

See this watch Tyler is wearing? It's legit his favorite watch. Haha! It is from Jord. It is a wood watch and is a beaut.. is it weird I am totally jealous? Your man in your life wants one! I know they do! Guess what? My friends at Jord offered to give YOU a $100 off code or $25 off code and a chance to win one completely for free! Here is the link!! ENJOY and good luck!