I get asked about Tyler all of time. I get so many questions about how we met, our first date.. and all that jazz. So here I am, laying it all out to you in a journal type way. 

How we met..

Tyler and I actually met on Tinder! I got on Tinder, just for fun and to see what would happen, in October of 2016. We matched in October and didn't go on a date until October 21st. 

Our first date..

It was on October 21st and I was terrified. It was my first Tinder date. I invited a friend last minute and we quickly made it a double. We met up at Fat Cats and bowled for an hour or so. I was a little stand offish and he was funny. The night ended at a Harmons shopping for white tootsie rolls. I got to know him,  I told him a lot about me. We went our separate ways and I got a text 20 minutes later, saying he had a good time. 

I started falling in love..

After me playing hard to get and declining his offers to meet up, we got together again on Halloween. He pulled up to my house and I told him to quickly get into my car. I did not want my mom to know how old this guy was. He waved to my mom and we drove. We drove to Draper and talked the whole way. Parked in the Cowabunga Bay parking lot, we talked for two hours. Talked music, school, careers, beliefs and families. 

After that, I thought he was pretty cool and wanted to keep hanging out.  Over the next few weeks we went to movies, Savers (bc why not), Target and hung out a lot. 

The "this isn't right, I need to do my own thing" phase...

Obviously our age difference and me being where I'm at in life, made our relationship...lets just say..not so easy. One night, on the phone, I told Tyler that I wasn't ready for a serious relationship and basically that I didn't want to "date" anymore. 

We went like 5 days with out talking to each other. Thanksgiving passed. Our snapchat streak ended. I missed him.

The Puppy Barn..

In October my little dog passed away. By this time, I really missed that little pup and needed to hold a dog. No one could go with me so I texted Tyler. To my surprise, he was down to go. We met in the Zupas parking lot, got in my car and drove to American Fork. Looking at those puppies, we reeeallly connected. Haha! I found this dog that was freaking adorable. The workers at Puppy barn thought Tyler and I were married. They let us in this special area to play with this puppy. The workers were telling Tyler, "A happy wife, a happy life" trying to convince him to get me the puppy. Being fake married to him felt so right.  Plus, him playing with a puppy pretty much was the cutest thing ever.

I was hooked....again.

On December 6th, we drove up to his hometown, Farmington and I met his mom and sister. I instantly loved them. We chatted about Tyler and bonded real quick. His niece was also there and again...seeing him play with her was basically the cutest thing ever.

After that we were in his car and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I quickly said yes. We were finally official.

We dated for 8 months. Then we got engaged. That story is coming soon.. ;)

It hasn't been easy dating someone so much older than me. There have been lots of opinions and judgement from others. Not only that but, it was the biggest trial of our relationship for a long time. But I know Heavenly Father put Tyler in my life when I needed him the most. I couldn't of gotten through those 8+ months with out him. He is my best friend. I am so excited for our future together. I love you, Tyler Davis.