I have experienced my life with and with out. 
I have heard the pros and cons. 
I have witnessed those close to me, talk about this little thing that has changed my life in a demeaning and hurtful way. Little do they know, this little piece of science is not only, the one thing that has made me, Me but is something I am grateful for everyday. 

The truth?

They don't understand. They don't get it. They have never experienced it so why would they? Okay, maybe that’s not the best thing to say..maybe they have experienced it.. we don’t know that. But, maybe they don’t understand the importance, I guess you could say, of the medication. 

I went to a doctor for my anxiety almost two years ago. I was afraid to. Maybe it was just because, I didn't know what I had was actual anxiety and not just me being homesick..but I was afraid that the doctor will make me feel like my problem is not an actual problem. I was afraid she would tell me I am just getting ‘homesick’. 
There were some people in my life that mentioned to me, maybe getting on a medication would help. I didn’t think it would help. In fact, I thought it would classify me as crazy. I didn’t know if it was going to do the opposite and make it worse or actually help. 

Well, I went into the doctor and she prescribed me Fluoxetine. My doses started out small and then we worked our way up. My appetite went away. I got constipated. TMI I know, I just want to be honest in case one of your are considering getting on a medicine. After about a week, those symptoms were gone and I was feeling good. I didn’t notice a huge difference in my anxiety for awhile. Not until I got into some situations where usually my anxiety would flare up. 

After about a couple months, I noticed a huge difference. I noticed I wasn’t nervous to sleep somewhere else. I wasn’t anxious to be away from my home. I wasn't anxious to speak in front of people, I actually was excited. 

Now, Im not saying in a drop of a hat a magic pill zapped away my anxiety because that is definitely not the case. It took time. My anxiety is still here. I still deal with it everyday but now, my body is stronger and can get through the anxiety better and faster.