Hey ladies! I am so excited to officially share with you about my makeup routine. Have you heard of Maskcara Beauty? Well, it's amazing. It is makeup that you can do in seconds. It is amazing quality, a time saver and freakin gorgeous.

A few months ago I signed up to sell this amazing product. I genuinely love it and wouldn't sell it if that weren't the case. I use it every single day and am in love.

Quick link: Wanna shop NOW? Click HERE!

I start off by priming face with the Benefit Porefessionals primer. I love that stuff! 
Next, I cover my acne.. blah.  Praise the heavens for concealer!!

Next I grab my Maskcara Double decker palette. YOU GUYS! I loooove this stuff. I mean it. 
I am always a fan of contouring. It makes your face look slimmer and who doesn't want that? 
What's so nice about this product is, you don't have to apply a full face of foundation BEFORE you contour. You put it all on at the same time. I end up wearing less makeup and I love that. 

Okay.. the best part.. the highlight. I do a triangle under my eye and then in between my cheek bone and jaw line. I also put some on my T zone!

BLUSH time! Again, it all goes on at once.. so fast and so easy!

Last but not least, I use my finger to put a little illuminator right above my cheek bone to give my face a nice shimmer!

I blend it all out with my Perfector Sponge. Side note: press the makeup into your skin. It isn't a powder, so it's important to press it in your skin so it lasts all day.

I have oily skin. I admit it. To set all of the makeup, I use the setting powder that helps me stay shine free and keeps my makeup on all day. 

I use a revlon eyebrow pencil to brush and fill out the brows. Gotta make dem look good ya know?

 I recently bought this Physicians Formula eyeliner set from the glorious, Target. 

Aanaard we done!

 I would love to help you with your makeup routine! If you want me to color match you, let's do it! Go to www.maskcarabeauty.com/kallie to shop! If you have any questions or want a sick discount and want to become an artist, let me know!

Much love babes!