Umm hi this picture is amazing. Like how the heck did I get my hood to look that?! hahaha

Shoes: Steve Madden
Cardigan: Downeast Basics
Jeans: American Eagle. Cut the holes myself.

I am so ready for Spring. Who's with me?? 

I can't wait to wear sandals and dresses and just for it to be freaking Spring already! 
Almost every morning I just never know what to wear. The mornings are freezing but by 1 oclock I don't need a million layers. This is what I figured out.. cardigans. Just pair a cardigan with a tshirt and boom, if it's cold, wear the cardigan if it get's a little warmer, take the cardigan off! 

These days I'm all about tennis shoes. I used to be really really into wearing heels. You know like wedges and such. Lately I just want comfy feet sooo tennis shoes it is. I love finding new ways to wear tennis shoes whether I dress them up or down. Pssstt.. a post about that might be coming your way soon! ;)

Wanna remember to wear a cardigan tomorrow morning? PIN it.