I don't know about you but, this weather has me all about staying home, watching movies and playing games. Dear Winter, I am ready for you to be done. Tyler got a camera last week and it has been so fun taking pictures with him and I don't know just to share my love for photography and videography with him. 

Guess what? I am currently writing this blog post in a hospital room. Ha! I am a birth story videographer and yep, it's 5:15 am and just waiting for a client to have their baby. Pretty fun that I get to witness the miracle of life so often. 

Anyway, heres to hoping the sun decides to come out a bit more this week. 

If you happen to see this and want to be bomb diggity person and comment a stupid but funny joke, that'd be cool. I'm just in the mood to laugh? Haha! One of my favorite jokes is, "What do you call a broken pencil?...Never mind it's pointless!" So dumb yet so funny. Haha! Maybe I'm just weird. 

Peace out my friend!