Um hi. I just went to write this and realized I haven't legit introduced you to Tyler. Well, that will come soon. Ha. For now, just know he is the boyf.

You guys know what I do for work.. I am a Videographer and Photographer over at K.C. Film & Photo. That means, I travel a lot for jobs and have the choice to work wherever I want. I can edit in a freakin' gas station if I wanted to. Haha!

Tyler is currently part CEO at a company called, Swiing Travels. Basically, it's a social travel agency. His job allows him to work wherever as well, as long as there is a computer involved. *Dance party*
We both work for "ourselves". It's scary sometimes but, if you are doing what you love, even if it involves risks.. do it!

The past few weeks we have had the opportunity to work together. It has been the best. I sit on my computer working on my stuff while he does his thang on his computer. Umm yeah I don't know why but, I LOVE it.

I have a project that is kind of all over the valley. Some days I shoot in Orem and some days I need to be in Bountiful. I am so lucky to have Tyler to come with! He's the bomb diggity. Haha! So today, we were in Bountiful and stopped for some Lunch and.....worked. It actually is fun guys. I love what I do so I don't consider it work so that's pretty sweet.

Anyway, I'm just over here workin'. I hope you are all having a fantabulous January.