This is Mikayla, my sister. She is 13 months older than me and basically my 'twin'. She and I have done everything together since day one. Legit.

Well, last week she got engaged. They got pulled over on the way to breakfast. Robby (her fiance) got put into hand cuffs. She got out of the car to get his belongings when he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. 

I was in a bush the entire time. Ha!

I am so excited for her. I'm sad because, part of me feels like shes leaving me but, I know she is happy and that's all that matters, right?? They are seriously so good together. That is the main reason I am 100% okay with it. They just work together so unbelievably well. They are so so so good together. 


Let's start planning a wedding!!