Okay, wanna know a secret?? I shop in the men's section almost 80% of the time. They have THE best tshirts. And I am a freakin' tshirt fan all the way. The fit is a 100 times better, trust me. 
Next time you are at H&M or Forever 21 or even Target, go look in the Men's section. They seriously have the best t shirts. I also like to look in the little boy's section. I have about 3 or 4 things from that section. Of course, they are all Larges or even XL BUT they are cheaper and again are actually way cute. 
Ready for another tip? When you need shorts that come to your knees (modest is da best yo) go to the men's section. Boom. The shorts are always long enough and are actually way cute. Not kidding. 

There ya have it folks.

If you find something you love in the opposite gender's section, go ahead and let me know. I wanna see what you find!