As back-to-school is in the air, I can't help but think about the many experiences I have had starting school after a "short" Summer. Going into Middle School, I was excited. I was excited to get out of Elementary School and have more freedom. I was mostly excited to meet new people. I had been around the same people for 7 years. I was excited to be around new faces..BUT also terrified. I didn't know what to expect. The unknown was scary. I'd never have a "schedule" before, I didn't even know how to unlock my locker. I was nervous but, excited. During my Middle School years, I had a lot of experiences. If I could go back and give myself a letter...this is what I would want it to say...

I'm on the far right in both pictures :)

Dear Innocent Kallie, 
I know how excited you are for this new experience. I also know how scared you are. The unknown can definitely be frightening. As you start this journey through middle school, remember who you are. That's my biggest piece of advice I could give. 
Also remember that everyone grows and matures differently. Your best friend may be a twig and you may not. You are growing differently. Don't worry about these changes going on with your body, they are 100% normal. But also watch what you eat, you aren't in a child's body anymore. Everything in moderation!!
You are going to feel weird as clothes that used to fit you don't now. It is totally normal. You may see friends maturing faster than you, thats okay. Your time will come, trust me! 
Girls will start to get mean. Everyone is figuring out who they are and what they want to be. As this happens, friend groups will change. People you hung out with in Elementary School, might not hang out with you in Middle School and that is okay. Don't let that affect your happiness.
Put deodorant on. End of story. 
Don't take as many selfies. Seriously, you will thank me later.
Try to not wear makeup. I know you want to. You want to grow up and you want to try out makeup. But, if you hold off, trust me you will be happier. Also, while we are talking about makeup, lay low on the eyeliner. You don't need it! 
Braces suck. Everyone understands. Try to embrace it! I know you hate that you can't eat a sandwich without getting a "bread smile" but, you will get them off one day and eat all of the sandwiches you want. 
Boys are seriously immature. Don't bank your happiness on their actions. 
Don't make out with people in the hallway, like come on, no one wants to see that and chances are years later you will be totally embarrassed you did that. Truuuust me!
Wear a bra. It isn't embarrassing just do it...but the right size bra!
Talk to your mom. It may be hard but I promise everything you are feeling is normal, she will understand.
You do not need to hang out every single weekend till 11 to be cool. Seriously. It is not a bad thing to chill at home one night and watch a movie. 
Don't worry so much about your outfit.
Talk to everyone. Be nice to everyone. Always be that girl who is just straight up nice.
Don't gossip. If you are around it, stop it.
And last of all..LOVE YOURSELF. You are an amazing daughter of god and great things are in store for you. Love your body and love who you are.

Sincerely, Kallie...the future Kallie

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