Umm hey friends! Remember me? Yeah I am that girl that used to blog and used to check blogger 24/7. Well, this year has been insane friends..and I mean insane. I think I have made a gazillion posts about how I am coming back to blogging...blah blah blah. Well guess what friends? It's true this time. I have missed this and cannot wait to be back at it. Also, the blog is gonna have major major major changes comin' to it soon. Get excited.

Okay my new obsession, what is it you ask? Periscope. I am freakin' obsessed. It is the greatest thing ever. Basically, it is a live stream and you can chat with the scoper live. I love making new friends and this has been the perfect way to get to know new ladies.

Wanna follow me on there? You know you want to... its @kalliecooper00

See you over there!

Aaah.. I am so excited to be back. Love you all and thanks for sticking with me through this sucky year.