Wow. I feel like I can finally catch my breath. It has been pure craziness around here. To explain myself (and for journaling purposes) I wanna give you a run down on what I've been doing lately.

My day..

I wake up in the morning at 5 am to get ready for early-morning seminary. Seminary starts at 6:15 and if I don't have my gazillion and one alarms go off, starting at 5 am then I don't get up. Let's just say I'm not proud of how many times I actually made to Seminary on time. Yikes.

After Seminary I go straight to school at 7:30. My first class is Yearbook. Yep, I'm on my school's yearbook staff. It is so fun to be able to bring my passion of photography to school. It seriously is bomb. Even though it is a huge time commitment, I love it.
I then go to second period which is a concurrent-enrollment class. Which means it is a class through SLCC. Basically, I teach preschool for 4 general elective college credits. I love Preschool, it's one of my favorite things ever. After Early Childhood Education I go to my ASL class. After American Sign Language I go U.S. History and then to lunch. My lunch usually includes me running home to get my work clothes and grabbing some Apple Juice. After lunch I head to my last class of the day, and then go straight form school to work. I usually work from 2:45 to 8. It is a long day of teaching littles how to dance and do gymnastics.

I am usually completely beat by the time I get home. I then start my homework, eat something and then get in the shower and then go to sleep.

When I go to work later I usually have club meetings. I am VP in FCCLA and a member of the Women's Association.

The days I don't have work (which is hardly ever these days) I focus on Videography. I have filmed things this Trimester like, Missionary Homecomings, gender reveals and have been editing wedding videos from the Summer like crazy.

I am so busy these days I feel like I can't catch my breath. I totally missed blogging. It was like something was missing from day.

Friday is the last day of the Trimester and starting Monday,  I hopefully will have less hours at work and won't have early-morning seminary, so I can stay up later writing posts. :)

I am really excited because, I start my internship at a local Elementary School on Monday. I can't wait to be in a first grade class from 12:30 till 3. Ah! I'm stoked.

Sometimes I wish I could just fast forward this whole High School and just focus on Videography, my blog and teaching. But ya know what? Even though these last few weeks have been insane, it has made me stronger...and tireder ;) I am ready for next trimester and ready to be back in the swing of things.

Talk to you soon!

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