Why hello there. Don't worry, I'm alive...just busy. 

Don't you just love Halloween? To be honest, I used to hate Halloween. The pressure to find a good costume as a kid..man it was the worst. ;) Ha! That's why this week I definitely wore four different costumes. Ha! Not gonna lie though, this last week was pretty awesome. With parties at work, good ole' trunk or treat and the Ute Blackout game, it was a fantastic couple of days. 

The Halloween celebrations started out a week before Halloween. We had our Halloween dance at school. We call it, MORP, ya know like prom but, backwards. My group dressed up as cavepeople and I had the cutest date. 

If you didn't know, I teach Preschool at my High School. (Yes, I love being Miss Kallie) All of my students dressed up on Thursday and Friday. Oh my heck. It was THE cutest thing ever. I say they should dress up everyday! ;) 

My students at The Little Gym also dressed up. Yay for class parties and lots of games of "Halloween 4-Corners". 

I was at able to be at the Photo Booth at Trunk-or-Treat. (Trunk-or-Treat is where people in your neighborhood decorate their trunks and have kids trick-or-treat from trunk to trunk) Candy, cute kids in costumes, and having my camera by my side? Yeah best situation ever, am I right?

On actual Halloween I went to the Ute football game with my grandparents, sis and my cute MORP date. It was a paarrtaay.

Happy Halloween to you all. I hope your night was wonderful. Oh and I may or may not have had waaay too much candy this week..eek.