Target is da bomb. 

I could walk into Target thinking I only need to grab a few things and then end up leaving with...uh.. let's just say a lot more than a few things. Hehe. 

I was thinking, when I went into Target the other day, that I should share some of my Target favs. I quickly decided that wouldn't be the best idea. The post would be like 12 chapters long. (Chapters? Do blog posts have chapters? I don't think so. Just got with it.) 

I decided to share 5 favorites that are in the store, right now

And yes, I was that girl in Target walking around with a DSLR camera, snapping pictures. Don't judge me. ;)

Up first we have the glorious Dollar Spot. Dude. This place is legit way better than any Dollar Tree I've ever been to. I have no idea how Target does it. They are awesome. 

The first thing that I had to grab, in the Dollar Spot was an iPhone case. My case right now, is terrible. It says. "Forget love. I'd rather fall in chocolate!." Yeah, I love chocolate and all but, it's not the best phone case for a recently 16 year old that can now date! Hahaha..totally kidding....kinda ;)

Dollar Spot's phone cases are pretty great. Okay, so they aren't actually one dollar. They are five but, they are still awesome.

Don't mind the terrible, out of focus way dark picture. 

Did you guys know that I want to be a teacher? Well, I do. The Dollar Spot right now has tons of classroom stuff! I want it all. 
Okay, I get that probably sounded weird but, I just really wish I were 25 with a classroom not, 16. Ha!

Look how cute these tags are though! If you wanna give a back to school gift to your teacher, these are perfect. 

Don't you just love getting mail? I sure do. That's why I love buying notecards. These ones from the Dollar Spot are pretty dang cute. They have lots of different patterns right now! I wanted to buy them all but, I refrained. (I may have to go back though..hehe)

It's not a secret that Joggers are the best thing that's ever happened to the fashion industry. The Target joggers? Oh my. I am literally obsessed. It's like wearing pajamas but they are way more acceptable. Does that make sense? Pretty much I can wear these bad boys to school and not be judged for it. :)

P.S there may or may not be a post in the works all about joggers..eeek!

Alright up next we have my fabulous planner. I got this a couple weeks ago and love it. It is so cute! Right? And I'm sorry but the calendar on my phone just doesn't cut it. I like to be able to right and doodle in my planners. Hehe..

Okay so now next time you go to Target, pick up a few of these things!