Why I love printing my photosDIY organize your photos

It's no secret I love cameras. Why? I love taking pictures and, obviously cameras take pictures. 
But why do I love taking pictures??

When you look back at photos of yourself, whether it's your 5th grade Graduation or, your first Prom, you remember what you felt. You remember the smell, the perfume you were wearing, the cringed toes in your overly-high heels. You remember. A photo captures a moment. Whether the moment is big or small a picture captures it. You can look back at those moments forever. It blows my mind. For real though, it does.

Why you need to print your photos
 DIY photo album

For my birthday, my friend's decorated my room with lots and lots of pictures. I needed to do something with all of these photos! I ended up buying a 12 x 12 photo album (empty) and some page inserts that had 4 x 6 photo slots. It's basically a very chill scrapbook. 

I am obsessed with this thing! I have printed off more and more pictures since buying this and have loved it. I love being able to have a book at my fingertips with all of these memories inside. This book in particular is just of my High School days with friends but, I am planning on printing off all of my pictures from Christmas to the Summer. 

Print your photos!

I take lots of pictures on my phone, camera, ipad..all that stuff. So, I have a ton of pictures! Lately I have been organizing them and I have loved it. After I organize them, I go through and pick the ones I want printed. I upload the pictures to Costco or Walgreens and BOOM, we have a 4 x 6 memory in a couple of hours, in our hands. 

I highly recommend actually printing your pictures! I know I usually would of just printed a few to go in frames and such and then just backed up the rest on a hard drive. I now am making it a goal to print photos every month! I don't want my memories to be hiding on a backup hard drive somewhere. 

Go print your photos!

The end.