Puppy love
Puppy Love
Furry Best Friend
Morkie Puppy

I got my furry best friend almost three years ago in a couple of months. I begged and begged my parents to let me get a dog. They did not want one..like at all. So, knowing me, I kept begging. I wasn't about to just give up. Finally, I convinced my parents to let my grandparents bring up this puppy, my mom's friend had, for a week or two while they were visiting from Arizona. The second Molly came into our home, I loved her and, obviously my parent's did too. They caved and the next morning we were buying dog beds. 

Molly has the cutest personality and acts like a human. 

She definitely is the center of attention 98% of the time. 

I love her. 

Happy Birthday, Molly!!