Newborn photo ideas

Did you know it is totally acceptable to put a baby in suitcase???

....that is, if you are taking newborn photos.

Over this last weekend I took my cousin's baby newborn pictures. 

**She actually isn't a newborn..more like 3 and a half months old but we will call them newborn pictures just for the heck of it.**

Before taking these pictures, I studied hard core on Pinterest for good ideas and stuff. So here you go, all of those good tips and tricks in one place. 

Baby photography tips

1. Props are key

Your baby is adorable. You don't have to have props to make the picture cute, that's obvious. If you want the pictures to be over the top adorable and professional looking, the props you have will change the look of your photos. Let's face it, I mean when else can you stick your child in a suitcase with a letter??

A lot of these props I actually had just around the house. The suitcase is from Michaels. We got it on sale for my puppy's toys to go in. The letter, we had because, my last name starts with a C, so it worked out perfectly. Just look around your home and you will be amazed what you can find! 

tips for photographing babies

2. Snap. Snap. Snap.

Take those pictures, girl! I assume that you have a DSLR (you can read more about why I think it is important to have a DSLr when taking pictures like this, here). Just keep snapping pictures. Especially for this shoot, little Caroline was movin' all over the place. I probably took 100 photos and only had 12 turn out.

3. Getting a professional background look

For a lot of my pictures here on the blog, I use a white foam poster board for a background. For Caroline's pictures I put black and white polka dot wrapping paper around it, making a super cute background. You could put any wrapping paper around it, or just keep it white. I think have a solid background for some pictures, is a way good idea to get that professional feel.

newborn photoshoot ideas

4. Being creative // Pose Ideas

Pinterest is an amazing tool for photography pose ideas for any time of shoot. I just went on Pinterest and searched "Newborn Photoshoot" and got millions of ideas, which got my creative juices flowin'. 

5. Getting personal

Make your baby's pictures personal to them. If your family loves baseball, put a baseball bat in the picture. In Caroline's pictures we added a 'C'. Adding props that are personal will definitely change the look of your photos. 

tips for newborn photography

6. Editing

Okay, let's not talk about Photoshop just because, probably most of you do not own it. Let's talk about something you probably have.. iPhoto. iPhoto is a great editing source. If you click your picture and click 'Edit', you will find a ton of options to brighten your image and add contrast. For most of my pictures, I bring my contrast to an 18 or so depending on what I want. For Caroline's pictures I used PicMonkey and added a slight black outline. You can decide what your are personally going for when it comes to editing. 

I hope these tips help! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! 

Ta ta for now!