My 16th Birthday

room decorated for birthday

I am finally blogging about my 16th birthday! Woot Woot! I turned 16 last Monday and let me tell ya, it was a party! Haha! The festivities started off with my returning home from Girl's Camp to my room decorated with balloons, and tons of pictures! My friends are the absolute greatest! Oh and these pictures don't do it justice. I failed at getting really good pics so these will have to do. All of the balloons were all the way at the ceiling with pictures dangling from the string. So awesome! Did I mention I have amazing friends? 

Sunday night (the night before my birthday) I had my very best friend come over to have a sleepover. That was great. Let's just say we thought we would be cool and put all of the balloons on my bed and jump at midnight. Well, long story short it ended with us bonking our heads on the ceiling while we were on a little bit of a helium buzz. Yeah that happened. 

Monday morning I hit up Classic Fun Center with my sis and the boys she nannies and of course the bestie came too.  It was so fun! (yes, I went a little overboard on pictures...oops!)

Water park funWaterpark

Water park fun

Birthday fun

Waterpark and waterslides

Waterslides in Utah

Water park fun
How freakin' cute is he?
Classic Fun Center Waterslides

Summer 2015 idea

classic waterslides

Waterpark fun times

Classic fun center snow cones

Waterpark and Waterslides

 For my 16th birthday we had my grandparents over. We had Asian Star, and obviously some seriously good Costco birthday cake. So my sister (who is 13 months older than me) had her birthday in June. Sadly, we were very busy and didn't get around to singing and having cake. We decided to blow out the candles together on my birthday. Yay for "twins". 

Oh my. Let's talk about this candle. We picked this bad boy up in California. It is insane. When you light it, the pedals all fall down and spin AND sing happy birthday. It is pretty amazing. Well, my dad didn't read the instructions and lit the thing on fire. Ha! Everyone just started singing and expected us to blow out a freakin' huge flame. The sis and I were busting up laughing. Finally after we blew it out, my dad tried again and miraculously it worked. Woot woot! Best candle ever!

Twins turn 16

16th birthday

Sweet 16

Blowing out Candles on sixteenth birthday

Maltese and Yorkie Dog

No car or license yet, just cute pillows for now. (Thanks for the presents Mom and Dad!) I got my permit late so I can't get the license until August 23rd, and yes I am already counting the days!
16th birthday party

These are my amazing grandparents. They are the kindest people. Love them to pieces.

 Isn't my Grandma beautiful? She is currently battling Breast Cancer, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. 

It was a super fun day. Oh and congrats for getting to the end of this post. Sorry for the picture overload. Ha! I had my 16th Birthday Party on Thursday and of coming soon. 

Thanks for sticking around here on Life Through a Lens. I can't wait to see whats to come this year. Love you all.