DIY Necklace Five dollarsDIY statement Necklace

I feel like it's my job to inform you on great finds. So, today I am showing you how to make a super cute Statement Necklace for only five dollars! Yep, you read that right, FIVE DOLLARS! I don't know about you but I have bought necklaces way similar to this one for over $25. That's crazy! When I saw this, I new I had to save you from spending tons of money on something you can make for a lot less.

I found both of these pieces at Michaels! The brand "Darice" is my new favorite thing. In my Michaels they had a display of all of these super cute Statement Necklace pieces right by the front door. Each piece was $2.99 and some that were $3.99. They had all different kinds of chains, endless possibilities for expensive looking necklaces.

How To make A statement Necklace

How to make a Statement necklace for $5

All I did was take the chain off the packaging, open the clasp, and attach it to the jewel piece. Beyond easy! 

Please go to Micheals and get something from the "Statement Looks" line. It is pretty amazing. I was so pumped when I saw them in the store!

DIY Necklace from Michaels

This is definitely my new favorite necklace. I have worn it a gazillion times, already. I love love love it.  

 Finding these pieces was like gold for me. I love saving money! :)

Talk to you soon!!