I know, I know, you did not want to see a post about Summer ending but, this is a good post, I promise. Today me and the amazing Shannon from Shanndelier are sharing 8 things to do before the summer ends. Four on my blog, four on hers! I love Shannon and I love the list of things she came up with. If you want to read my post, go to Shannon's blog! 


Hey there! I'm so excited to be hanging out on Kallie's blog today! She is awesome and have you noticed she's amazing at taking pictures?! Major jealousy. Anyway, I'm Shannon and I blog over at shanndelier. On my blog you can find almost anything you can imagine but my favorite topics to write about are food and travel. My husband is a professional chef and we have an adorable shiba inu puppy that you definitely need to see. 

Shannon from shanndelier 

I'm here to share my must-dos before summer is over... not sure how I haven't done any of these yet, but I need to get on it!

 1. Go to a drive-in movie. I love movies, and when it's a drive-in movie it somehow becomes way better. There's nothing that compares to sitting under the stars, tuning your radio to the right channel, and munching on all the extra-delicious treats they serve at their little shack. If you're going to head out to a drive-in, here are my tips to make the most of it: • Bring a portable radio. You have to tune your car radio to the right station to get sound for the movie, and you could run the risk of your car battery dying. • Drive a car that has a lot of room in the back, like a truck or SUV where you can put the seats down. If you don't have that, bring lawn chairs and set them up! • Pack your own food. Most drive-in theaters let you bring in food and it's an easy way to make sure you have your favorite snacks at all times.

 2. Have a picnic. I swear I am always talking about how I should go on a picnic and how fun picnics are but I never actually do it. (I kid you not - I own two sets of picnic dishes and cooler bags and still have not used either of them.) Let's make a deal. If you go on a picnic, I'll go on one. Send me some good picnic locations in Utah. I'm thinking Liberty Park or somewhere along the Alpine Loop.  

3. Go to the farmers market. Okay, I guess I lied when I said I haven't done any of these yet this summer. I have gone to the farmers market once, but once is not nearly enough. Wandering through the booths and crowds of people and dogs is my favorite thing ever. If you need a list of things you should definitely buy at the farmers market, I've got you covered: • Yellow cherry tomatoes • Raw honey • Ciabatta bread • Ginger soda • Cilantro • Cherries • Fresh squeezed lemonade  

4. Make popsicles. I've been totally obsessed with popsicles this summer and especially greek yogurt popsicles. I got some mint chocolate chips ones from Costco and they are seriously the best thing ever. I want to learn to make them myself, so step 1: buy a popsicle mold and step 2: follow this recipe

What's on your bucket list for the rest of the summer? Follow along with me on Instagram as I get mine done... and make sure you head over to my blog to read Kallie's half of the eight things to do before summer ends!