I am super excited to introduce you all to Shelby from Moore {Light} Shine. She is amazing..I mean AMAZING. She's more creative than I'll every be and, so inspiring. Her blog posts are incredible. I love her and hope that I can be at least half of what she is. Enjoy these super cute banners! 

*yay for teenage bloggers!*


Hello fabulous Life through a Lens readers! I'm so excited to be guest posting here today! I absolutely love Kallie's blog! Her photography is gorgeous and her videos are amazing!

My name is Shelby and I blog over at Moore Light Shine!

A few fun facts about me:
  • I love photography and graphic design. (And obviously blogging...)
  • Krackle Chocolate is my favorite candy bar, 
  • I've visited 4 countries and lived in 2. 
  • As cheesy as it sounds I love spending time with my crazy awesome family. 
  • My favorite colors are coral, gold, navy, mint, and baby blue. You know, maybe I just like them all;)
  • Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I'm not your average blogger. I'm a just a normal teenage girl on a mission to let her light shine. I started my blog because of a program in my church called Personal Progress which encourages girls to grow and learn. After I started I just couldn't stop! Yep, I'm Mormon and I absolutely love it. The knowledge of my Savior carries me through life and gives me limitless joy and peace. 

I absolutely adore banners. I love how cute and easy they are. They are the perfect quick decoration for a party, or the best pop of color in a room.  And the most amazing part is most of them are so easy and cheap to DIY! 

So without further ado....
festive banner DIY

3 Easy DIY Banners!

#1 Fun Fringe
This is one of my favorites! It's super easy to make and looks adorable for everything from photo booths to baby showers. At one point we even had it hanging on our craft room mantle! One of my top tips for this is to make it a color that works with a lot of things. We made it a bright yellow which has served us so well! Yellow is fun any time of year, is gender neutral, and always adds a cheery pop of color where ever you put it!
banner diy

The best part about this banner is how easy it is to make and how large it's impact is! 
1) Measure out how much string you need and buy enough tissue paper in your desired color to cover most of the string 3 times (aside from the very ends which you will use to hang it). 
2)Fold the tissue paper over the string, stacking 2-3 pieces of tissue paper. It is so important that you fold it over as equally as possible and don't try to use just one piece because the thing that makes this banner so pretty is how full it is. 
3) Staple or sew along the folded edges of the tissue paper. This will keep everything from sliding around and falling off. 
4)Lastly, cut the tissue paper into strips all the way to the top, creating a full, fringy look.

Simple and easy!
festive banner DIY

#2 Delightful Dots
This might be one of my favorites too. Ahh! I just can't decide;) I love the simple, but unexpected pop of color this adds to a room. The wonderful thing about this is you don't have to worry about matching up colors. Simply punch a few dots out of random pieces of scrapbook paper making sure to use bright colors and a wide variety of papers. If you have a color scheme you are going for, it could be cute to use solid paper all throughout. Just make sure you don't have 10 dots of the same paper in a row and then one different. Catch my drift? The last thing to know when picking your paper is to use double sided because the dot's will turn around. 

1)Use a circular hole punch to cut out lot's of different patterns of dots. I used a 1" hole punch, but any size would be great. 
2) Sew (or staple/tape) the dots to a piece of white (or any color) thread. I spaced mine about 2" apart, but did it very roughly. Adjust this according to how you want it to look. 

#3 Magnificent Mini- Banner
While I love how the first banner is a statement piece, the second is a fun pop of color, I think the third wins the award for cuteness. I love how it's smaller size works in so many places and can be used as an accent to the decorations instead of the main point of focus. A fun way to use this one could be above a mantel or on a cake strung between 2 wooden skewers.
banner DIY

1) Print out these letters, found on Oh Happy Day
2) Cut out small scrapbook paper pieces in what ever shape you want. I decided to cut them into the shape shown above (I'm not really sure what you would call that, haha), but triangles or scallops would work too! I found it helpful to cut one that I liked and use it as a pattern for the rest. Don't worry about them all being perfect! My shapes were 2 inches tall by 1 1/4 inch wide.  In this banner, I used a variety of papers, but it's cute with all one paper, solids in a pattern, or whatever you can dream up! 
3) Cut out the circles.  (This can get tedious, getting some helpers is recommended:)
4) Glue or use double sided tape to stick the letters onto your pendants. 
5) Sew/ staple/ tape the finished shapes onto the string.

And now you have 3 super cute banner ideas! yay! if you're looking for other easy tutorials, you can read about the 3 Step Mouse Pad tutorial I did a while ago, or the super quick magnets I made a few weeks ago!
mousepad DIY

I just want to say a huge thanks to Kallie again for letting me crash her blog! 

You can follow me on instagram @moorelightshine_ blog  or on my blog where I share uplifting messages, recipes, crafts, daily happenings, and a little bit of everything! 

Hope you all have an amazing, fabulous, wonderful day!