Oh my heck. So it's safe to say that ever since I stumbled across Sue's blog I have been obsessed. She is the cutest mom, the best seamstress/crafter and seriously the nicest person..like seriously the nicest.  With that being said, I am so happy to have Sue over on Life Through a Lens today. You are going to love her!


My name isn't really Ariel, but I've been doing some soul-searching to decide if I'm meeting my full potential and if I truly am the woman that I've always thought I was.

Amidst this journey of discovering myself it dawned on me that something really isn't right. Something in my genetic code got switched around or is missing. I was never meant to be in this woman-ly form. I was meant to be



Alright, all jokes aside, it would be pretty awesome to have a tail whenever I went in the water, but I am quite content being the woman, the wife, the mom, the seamstress, the photographer, the blogger, and the crafter that I am! If it weren't for those interests and talents, I wouldn't be able to share this with you today!

My name is Sue and I run the place over at Sue's News. I have two little girlies who I adore (and post A LOT about) and a husband who adores me (awwww!) Together, we're the Stanges -  like 'mustang' without the 'mu'.

We do lots of fun stuff at our house that we like to share! Sometimes we make crafts together and sometimes (probably more often), I make clothes for everybody and tell YOU how to make them, too (click here for tutorials)! Take this shirt for example. I've got the tutorial and the printable over on my blog right now FOR FREE! Fun stuff.


Mostly, I'm all about trying something new, learning from it, and passing that knowledge on. I graduated from BYU-Idaho in Elementary Education so teaching is kinda one of those things I do, ya know?

Here are a couple of my favorite posts and tutorials:
*click on the pictures or the links below to be taken to their corresponding posts

And here are a couple more tutorials coming up that I'm really excited about!

pretty periwinkle swing dress // curtain to crop top + high-waisted maxi skirt

Thanks for taking a minute to get to know me a bit today (and thanks for letting me have some space on your page, Kallie!), but you and I both know what you really want. You want to click this link and figure out how to make one of these shirts on your own (or at least pin it for later).

You guys are fantastic! Really, thanks for supporting bloggers like me and Kallie. It means a lot to us to have readers like you drop by for a visit!

See you again soon, k? Okay.