I love the beach. I love the waves, the water, the boogie boarding..all of it. (actually, probably not the sand, that stuff get's e
I finally am posting about our Beach Day's while we were in Cali. I honestly didn't take as many photos as I would of liked (we somehow forgot to take a family picture!!) because I really was just focusing on the video!

We packed up our bikes with coolers, boogie boards, umbrellas..all sorts of stuff, and headed to the beach. Yeah, our beach house was beach front but, the beach there had lots and lots of crabs (you can read about that here! It's crazy!). So we decided do drive down a few towers where the waves were a bit bigger and there weren't that many crabs.

Look how gorgeous my mom is. Like seriously? She is beautiful. 

 Yup, and there is my handsome daddio. He loves catching those waves!

 I made my sister boogie board with a go pro on! She got a little embarrassed but the footage was totally worth it! (watch it HERE)


We obviously had to hit up Fashion Island while we were there! We soon realized after about 10 minutes of shopping that we can't afford a lot of the shops there! Haha!

Happy that this family trip, we could bring my new bro in law. This was our first family vacation with them since they got hitched! 

We had to take some pictures on the pier and the beach! Even though my picture isn't really in focus, it still turned out cute! Thanks Madi for taking it!

...and we rode the ferriswheel! So fun!

I love family vacations! If you want to see my the video I worked long and hard on for the trip..here it is!