Wow. This week went by soo fast! My family always hits up Cali every Summer. It may or may not be my absolute favorite week of the year! ;) 

This year we stayed farther down the boardwalk. We usually stay closer to the Newport Beach pier but this year we tried out a new neck of the woods. Okay guys, literally this little town (I say little but really it's not little) is my favorite! The character and the color in this place was so unique! I was in heaven with my camera! So I decided I would write two posts about our trip (or else there would be WAY too many pictures in this post! Ha!). The next post will be all about the beach and boy oh boy do I love the beach!
 I love everything from the quirky little shops to the colorful bikes..EVERYWHERE!

  Okay okay, frozen bananas are literally heaven on earth, so naturally we made about 5 stops a day at our favorite place to get them. Jane's Corndogs is right by the pier we usually stayed at and we were so pumped to find #2 two blocks away from us! Frozen bananas are the  best..mmmm 

Our beach house was beach front. Basically we open the door, step onto the board walk, step off the boardwalk and BOOM, on the beach. It was so awesome. Walking up to the waves in the morning was glorious. Can I go back now, please?

  We had to make a stop at one of the greatest shops in Newport. Seaside donuts. These guys supply the best donuts I have ever ever! Wanna know the best part? They are soo cheap. We bought so many donuts one night, in our heads we were thinkin "Okay, this might be a little pricy because of the 30 donuts we just bought..yikes!). We were soo wrong. The cashier told us the price and jaws dropped. Ten dollars for like 30 donuts. Crazy right? I'm telling ya, you have got to stop by next time your are in Newport.

We rode the ferry a couple of times. I don't know why using a huge boat for transportation is so fun but it totally is.

Can I just tell ya riding bikes on the boardwalk is one of the dangerous/funnest thing ever? 

Ruby's was at the end of Balboa pier. Yep, that's right we were like 2 minutes away! Gotta love Ruby's!

This trip was so fun. I loved documenting it! Of course in Kallie fashion I had to make a video of the trip! Here it is! This was a lot of a lot but it was worth it! Enjoy!

Good job you made it to the end! Haha longest post ever! 

Thanks for staying around around reading about my adventures. You guys are the best!