About a month and a half ago I spent the day filming the cutest couple ever AKA Alec and Emma. I've known Emma for a long long time. She is my one of my bestest friends older sister. When she asked me to film this video for her, I about died. This was it. My first real videographer gig. Yeah, I've filmed things before for people and got payed but, this was a wedding video..like that's a big deal. Right?

When the day finally came around I was thrilled. I had my glide cam in one hand, a backpack full of equipment, a tripod and my (heavy) camera bag. Let's just say I looked like Iron Man. Ha!

Anyway, Alec and Emma's wedding, sadly I couldn't film for them because right now I am in California. So that's a bummer but,  I was glad I got to film this beaut! I have been waiting a long time to share this and today is finally the day! Wahoo!

With out further a do...here is the cutest video I have ever made!

Hope you all like as much as I do! Remember..I love videography and would love love love to film something for YOU! Missionary homecomings, music videos, lifestyle videos, bridal video, first look...anything! I am your gal! Click the Videography tab up above to find out more!

Thanks for reading friends!

P.S. I cant wait to share with you these California pictures! Stay tuned!