My favorite day of the week is definitely Sunday. There are many reasons for that and one of them is, baking. I always have time to bake. Whether it's cupcakes, bread, cookies, cake I always bake them on Sunday. Isn't that just the best? 

Today my mom made up some of her delicious Banana Bread. Yum! We love it around here and can eat a whole loaf in minutes. Oh my, and that smell! The smell of banana bread is to die for!

Recipe down below

Okay so I don't know if you notice or not but there is a huge crater in the middle of that loaf! Ha! I am dying laughing right now! I didn't even notice it when I was taking these pictures! Our ovens are being lame and being hard to cook with, they don't want to stay on! Looks like Oven 1 - Kallie 0. Well, at least it still tasted delicious!

 Here is a video of the Sunday Baking Festivities! :)

 Here is the full recipe! Feel free to download the image!

Try this recipe, it is sooo yummy! Thanks Mom for letting me share it!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day!

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