...and come again another day..

Utah has been unbelievably rainy lately, like very rainy. Utah is just straight up confusing. One second it will be absolutely pouring down raining and the next it will be bright and sunny. As much as I love a good cozy day inside while it's a down pour outside, I have to admit, I do miss my sunny Utah weather that I love oh so much. 

No, I did not have a "photo shoot"  in the rain. It's called I took pictures one day, realized I had to be to work in 3 minutes, booked it inside to change and didn't finish the pictures. So here you have it, two dresses, same boots, same hair, same umbrella just a different rainy day.

   Rainy Day Essentials  

  Cute Umbrella
Rain Boots
Heated/Electric Blanket
Fuzzy Socks
 A Chick Flick


Whether you are listening to good music, watching a movie, or playing out in the rain.. these days are just the best.

Thanks for the fun, Rain. You are free to leave and don't need to come back till it's scorching hot in July. Thanks.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely May.

What are your Rainy Day Essentials?
Do you have a pair of Hunter Boots?
Do you think they were worth the money?