I got my DSLR for my birthday last July. Never would I have thought ten months later I would be making money from photography! Wahoo for unexpected blessings! It is so fun to be the "photographer!" I say photographer with quotes because first of all, I have only taken a few classes and have only been doing this for ten months and second of all, when I think of the word "photographer" I think of the people using those big fancy cameras at those photography places in the mall that make you pose in the weirdest positions. Lately I have gotten the opportunity to take pics for friends of friends and have loved loved it.

It's almost the end of the school year (!) so I am super busy with homework, school and work. Hopefully I can either bake, craft or make somethin'. Actually how about all three? Please.

This pic was taken at one of my recent shoots. I stood in a little pond to take the best picture. It was filled with green moss and some other things I don't even wanna know about. Yikes! Haha! I ended up taking a super cute pic from this position so ya know, sacrifice.

This picture? Ah-maz-ing. Why? Her face, her legs and her arms, all on point. Thanks again shout out to the sis for being the driver.

Thanks for stopping by! Go eat a cupcake because, I said so.