Hello ladies! I am so pumped to participating in another How We Wore It! These posts are just the best, right? 

Before I start jabbering on about the outfit and such, I want to tell ya a little bit about me, since a lot of you are new friends. My name is Kallie. I am a sophomore in high school (yep, I am young). I love videography and anything that has chocolate in it. (Check out my About Me page for more facts about me) I created Life Through a Lens to share crafts, recipes, and just fun random daily things. Thanks for stopping by! I don't bite, go ahead and look around a little! :)

When I got the picture from Brooke, I was kind of like "Oh shoot. I definitely don't have a skirt like that." Then I realized my outfit doesn't need to be the exact replica of the outfit inspiration. So, I decided to recreate the outfit into something I would totally wear to school, to the mall, ya know in my everyday life. 

This is the outfit inspiration. Isn't Mary gorgeous!

Okay so I'm pretty lucky. See this chambray with the white polka-dots just like the one in the inspiration picture? Yep. I had this just sitting in my closet. It's almost identical to Mary's. Wahoo for on sale shirts that you hardly ever wear and then they magically become your favorite piece ever.

My dress is from Francesca's. I actually wore it in my sister's wedding! Instead of wearing a cream/white skirt I decided to put the chambray over a cream/white dress. 

These shoes are easily my most worn pair of shoes. Ever. I purchased these bad boys at Forever Young in the SoutheTowne Mall. I love em'. I also think they make the outfit a bit more casual then if I would of worn wedges, or something.

Oh my heck. I  love what everyone else came up with! Check out their outfits, they are simply awesome.

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You are welcome. I took this picture in hopes to get a super awesome jumping picture. Nope. That did not happen. Ha! So you are welcome, here is a super funny picture of me jumping in the air. Can you say "fail" or what? Ha!

Thanks for stopping by friends! 
Feel free to stay awhile!