This weekend man, it was awesome. Let's just say there was a lot of chocolate (like a ton) and spiritual messages from people that I look up to. Easter and Conference? What could beat that?

I started off the weekend by waking up at 6:45 am to go to school to do my Range test. What is a Range test? It is for Drivers Education. You see, there are a bunch of cones and lines in a parking lot. You are expected to drive in said parking lot for three hours. (so boring) One day I WILL have my license and just drive where ever I want to and whenever I want..please come soon!

After that I worked a bit, and then went and got some din-din with the girls, while all the boys were at the Priesthood session of conference. Shopping was next on the agenda and boy did we shop! Ha! I love you Old Navy, and all of your sales.

Then came Easter and the two Sunday Sessions of LDS General Conference. I love hearing such uplifting and comforting messages from these men and women. If you missed it, you can watch it here. The morning consisted of way too much chocolate and my mom's fabulous crepes. It was pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

It wouldn't be Easter without heading to my Grandparent's house for some dinner and an Easter Egg hunt.

WARNING: an abundance of pictures of my cute cousins..I may have gone over board. Yikes!

So yeah I have ad-or-able cousins (that's just stating the obvious). Elie's hair kills me. It's crazy! Just like her ;) So fun to spend Easter with them!


She's so silly, like come on. Those faces? All her idea.
I really don't like my face in this pic but, Elie looks cute.. so ya know, sacrifice.

These are some of my other cousins, we transformed into ninjas/warriors if you can't tell ;)

Ready for a little throwback? This is me (I look like I'm on something!), my sister and my cousin, Sadie. We have been best friends since forever. This pic was taken in 2009. So many things have changed since then and what do you know, I still love em'.

                            The Coopers on Easter year 2009

This is me, six years ago, hunting eggs in the same backyard that my little cousins now hunt eggs. It makes my heart happy. 

PS an Easter/Spring break video is comin' your way! Stay tuned!

Yes, this week is Spring Break. Can't wait to get some sun. Wahoo!

Thanks for reading!