There are somethings that I do everyday and I mean everyday. I like routines, I do. They make me comfortable, is that weird? I hope not because, it is so true. I like knowing "what's going to happen". I mean, don't get me wrong. I love a good spontaneous day but, everyday? I wouldn't be able to handle it. What can I say? I like my bubbles, my routines and knowing my schedule ahead of time. It's not weird...right?

All of my days begin in the same place, my bed.
You know when you go to bed and you can't fall asleep? You struggle to fall asleep but, when you wake up? You want to stay in your bed forever. Your bed ends up feeling like clouds! Well.. that's not my bed. My bed is no joke a bed of cotton candy/clouds/cotton balls 24/7.  This girl loves her sleep! I usually start my day by pushing "snooze". Oh dear do I use that "snooze" button. Ha!


This trimester has been fabulous. I love my schedule, I love the people in my classes, I love just everything about it. I am able to take two classes that are very close to my heart, Peer Tutoring and Preschool. I love being able to Peer Tutor Brandon. He changes my world, his ability to be kind at all times is so inspiring. Brandon is blind and, has autism. I love him. 
    Preschool is a whole other story. I love it but, in a completely different way. (ha!) Those three year olds are crazy! I love hearing kids call me "Teacher!!". Have I told you I've always wanted to be a teacher? Yes, Preschool is a good match for me! :)


I work at The Little Gym. I can honestly say I love going to work. Those kids say the funniest things, they just make my day a whole lot better.

I also am doing a lot of photography shoots and videoagraphy shoots. I don't really consider it work but, technically it is. Hehe..

Night Person.

That's right, I am a night person. I can't help it. I love sleep but, I like to stay up. It's like when it get's dark outside, It encourages me to get things done. I clean my room before bed, I do homework, write blog posts and do any last minute things I want to have done before the next day. Fun Fact: When I was a little kid I would stay up so late in my bed cutting paper, drawing, anything I could to procrastinate sleep. Which is weird because,  I love sleep. It's like half of me wants to stay up late the other half just wants me to close my eyes already!

I also end my night reading my all time favorite book. The Book of Mormon. I love that thing. I love feeling inspired before bed, it just puts me in the right tone/mood. 

Being a teenager is pretty great. It's days like these I will miss when I have a million things to do. ;)

Talk to you soon for my silly adventures and some everyday things ;)