Spring break could not of come fast enough. I loved the sunshine, I loved relaxing, just every part of it, I loved. It started out with General Conference and Easter (which I posted about here). Monday I was able to go see my dad at work and then go to Welfare Square with my sis and the little boy she nannies. It was the perfect start to a great week. Then off me, my sister, mom and my neighbor went to the fabulous St. George. I love St. George, I could live there...like right now. Can I move to the sunshine right now, please? 

While in St. George we went to Denny's, and had the BEST pancakes I have ever eaten..like ever! They are no joke like cinnamon rolls in pancake form. Heavenly, just heavenly. 

The Red Rock.. the blue skies, gotta love it!


Of course the no-brainer place to go.. The Pizza Factory. Definitely a favorite! 

While in St. Geezy we also hit up The Bear Paw (soo yummy)! Guess what else we did? Swam! I miss sitting by the pool during the long winter months. It's one of my favorite things to do. St. George (not gonna lie) was pretty chilly the first day we were there, the second day was a little better so we only got to swim one day! One day! That's alright, Summer is just around the corner ;)

I took my camera with us everywhere, and not only did I capture pics but, I got a lot of video footage!

Here is my Spring Break 2015 highlight video!

Spring Break 2015 from Kallie Cooper on Vimeo.

Definitely a way fun week, so grateful it happened!

Talk to you later!