Popcorn trees? Is there such a thing? No. No there isn't. Ha! Was that too blunt?
When I was younger I loved the day when we got to sing "Popcorn Popping" in Primary. I knew Spring had to be right around the corner if we were singing about popcorn trees! Ha! Well, ever since I have loved Spring time trees. All of the colorful blossoms..aah they just make me happy.
**that was little bit cheesy, oops!**

I. Love. Trees.

Okay now onto my second order of business. My new header! Do you like it? I love it. It was designed by the oh so fabulous, Chloe Bruderer. She is amazing! She has a blog called Chloe in CAPSLOCK and I love it. Seriously read it all the time. I love her style, her art, her hair, her photography aahh I just love everything. Go check her out! Want her to design something for you or address wedding invites? Check out her calligraphy page HERE!

P.S My sister's wedding day video went live yesterday! The video is on my Videography page! Go watch it, it is adorable.

Well, hope your Thursday has been fantabulous.

Talk to you soon!