Today is April 15th 2015. Guess what is happening outside right now? Snow! It is straight up snowing! Dear Utah, please stop changing seasons on us.

I stayed home from school (life) today. I no joke slept till 11:30. I haven't slept like that since last Summer. I know all of you are totally thinking I am a weird teen who sleeps her days away but, you know what? It felt dang good, I am not ashamed of it! ;) Ha!

So yeah It is snowing, I am in my sweats, no makeup on and my mom is making homemade soup! It feels like December!

This is what it looks like outside right now. I don't understand how I was wearing sandals(!) on Monday and now wearing my snow boots. The poor lilac tree took a beating.

Molly, my puppy, sleeps on my bed every night. A couple of nights ago I walked into my room and she was just chillin', wrapped up in her blanket. So dang cute! With this whole "mother nature not knowing what season it is" thing going on, I figured a picture of a dog wrapped in a blanket would be an appropriate thing to post.

And.. the soup. Yum!

The point is, Mother Nature needs to get her act together. ;) I hope you all had a marvelous December day in April!

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What do you do on snowy days? 
What are your favorite must-haves for cold days?

Talk to you soon!