Alright, first of all, have you missed me? HA! It's been a hectic/fun/exciting/exhausting week. It all started on Monday night. Instead of doing a brunch on their actual wedding day, they decided to just have a dinner the night before. I totally recommend doing that, by the way. It made the wedding day way less stressful. Anyway, the dinner was...let's just say eventful. Josh's (my now bro-in-law) friends are hilarious, to say the least. Their speech was knee-slapper funny. Here are a few pics..

P.S. get excited because, in a few days the photographer will send the wedding pictures. That means a blog post is comin' up about it. You will die when you see these pictures. They are so stinkin' perfect it's crazy.

How about an unfocused pic of the guests? Ha! Here ya go..

 Us as sisters gave a little speech about 10 things Josh should know about Madi..
The list included things like:
-she has to sleep with a humidifier on
-would eat a whole carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream
-you can't ever go wrong with a can of olives (loves em')
You get the idea..

 Josh's siblings did the same thing. There's was a little more funny then ours and honestly I don't remember exactly what they said but I know I was laughin'..hard. Ha!

Okay and you can't finish off a post with out a totally blurry pic of me and sisters (we are missing one). Just gotta be grateful for people to even being willing to take our picture, right?

I love my family, they are the best. Now my sister is married and I can't wait to share about all of the stories and fun pics from the amazing day. Oh and guess what? There was practically a blizzard on the wedding day. Like seriously, utah? You haven't snowed hardly at all and the one day my sister get's married there is a freakin' blizzard?! Oh my it was pretty frustrating that morning..oh and to top it off, it was in the fifties two days after the wedding.

Talk to you all soon! Thanks for reading my lovelies!