Molly is my puppy and, basically she is the cutest thing you ever did see. Okay actually, maybe she isn't a puppy anymore, do three year old dogs count as puppies? Molly is little, like seven and a half pounds little. Here's the deal about Moll's, she wasn't really wanted in the beginning. I of course wanted her, my parents on the other hand? Not so much. I had to beg them, I even wrote an entire essay about why I couldn't go another day with out having a dog, It was kind of ridiculous. Anyway, long story short, my mom's really good friend breads dogs. Molly, was one of those dogs. I convinced my grandparents to bring this puppy up from Arizona to have it stay at my house to just "try it out". To be honest, I knew my mom would cave. The minute my mom and dad saw this puppy, that was the end. They loved her.

This dog is so loved, it's unreal. Here are some way cute pics of her. I am so grateful to have this little pup welcome me home everyday. Even though she is just a dog, she is a member of the fam!

 Yes, molly is adorable and yes I did follow her around the house just snappin' away.


 So.. I have a few life updates that I need to fill you all in on..

1-- I literally worked every single day last week! So sorry for the fewer posts lately, I have just been so busy!

2-- I love work ;) For St. Patty's day we all dressed up in our green, it was adorable. I will share some pics, soon!

3-- My room is a disaster. Clothes everywhere.

4-- I am in the General Women's Session choir for the LDS general conference! Wahoo! It has been an incredible experience! Make sure to watch on Saturday!

5-- I almost got rear ended driving last week. Okay, so I am new and maybe just maybe I forgot to put my blinker on..oops!

6-- Spring Break is soon and it's the only thing I can think about!!

7-- I have been OBSESSED with online shopping lately. It seriously is getting to a point of addiction. I am gonna share my favorite stores soon!

8-- Chasing Life is my absolute fav show lately! Have you watched it before?

9-- I bought the Haugen Creative online workshop! *screams* I am so excited, March 25th can't come soon enough!

10-- I have had an unfinished DIY project sitting on my desk now for 2 weeks! Two weeks! Aaah! I wanna finish it, cross your fingers I can find the time soon!

So now that you are filled in, we can start a fresh week. I hope I can get more posts up this week!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Do you have a dog? What kind?

Talk to you all so very soon!