Happy Friday! Guess what? Today you get two posts from me, wahoo! Today I got to guest post over on He & I.  I love Alexa's blog oh so much, seriously life goals right there. If you are visiting from over there, welcome!

If you didn't know already I work at The Little Gym, which is a non competitive gymnastic center for children ages from 18 months to 12 years old. It is such a fun thing to be able to teach those adorable kiddos. I love them..a lot! Hehe! I have a student that always misbehaves. No matter what you do, he would rather be a rule breaker rather than sit and listen to Miss Kallie. Anyway, I told him that if he listens to the teachers today, I would bring him a special treat next week. Bribing, maybe not the best thing but, hey it worked and in a class with seventeen students, having him listen was a huge relief! Well, next Tuesday (the day of his class) is St. Patrick's Day, so little did he know I was bring a treat for all of the students. ;) (I'll bring him a little prize too don't worry, I am not that rude!)

I decided to pick up the best suckers ever from the Dollar Tree. I love these things, they are the greatest sucker on the earth. Have you had one before? I am sure you have. I dressed the suckers up. They turned out pretty cute!

I just used some cello. bags I had on hand, and wrapped it around the sucker. Tied with some blue and green gingham ribbon.

Next used my one inch hole punch and punched out a green circle. I just wrote Happy St. Patties Day with a pen but, you could print off something way cute too!

That's it! My students will love these, especially because I hardly ever get to bring treats. I can't wait for St. Patrick's Day!

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What have you made for St. Patrick's Day? Anything? Let me know down below, I would love more ideas!