WARNING: A whole lot of gorgeous friend ahead

So yes, it's officially spring and I am lovin' it. I went on a bike ride, a bike ride! Yes, you can squeal for joy like I just did. Aren't you excited? I am! Guess what this means? Spring break is next week! I can't even contain my excitement.

Sleep. Think about Spring Break. Eat. Think about Spring Break. School. Eat. Think about Spring break. Sleep.

It's an ongoing cycle really. Okay now onto the whole point of this post. Well, Utah tricks people a lot. One day (like my sister's wedding one day) it's a flippin' blizzard and the next it's in the 70's. So with that in mind, the second Utah felt like summer I had my bestie come over and put on this outfit.  And why would you get in a really super cute outfit with out taking a few pics? So obviously we had to take a few model shots.

Recognize this hat? It's the same hat I wore in my Floral & Stripes post. We both love love this hat, it seriously makes any outfit 100 times cuter. Thank you again, Tai Pan.

This lovely navy boho tunic came from White Plum. I love this site and especially love all of the deals they send every morning through email. (I have come pretty addicted to online shopping and you bet there is a post coming your way of my favorite shops I have discovered)

You can wear this tunic as a tunic with jeans or as a dress. It is a little bit short but, over a swim suit? Perfection!

Aaah that hat, it kills me. #adorable
Yes, my friends are models and yes, this was all her. I did not tell her to do one thing. All I did was snap the picture. What a babe!

Pairing the tunic with some light wash jeans (american eagle) and some booties (old navy) was perfect. I got the inspiration from Merrick. You can follow her blog too! I love her and the outfits she creates.

Abi then threw on some gold bracelets and a gold necklace and BAM the perfect spring outfit.

If you love Abi's style then go check her out on Instagram!

We had a pretty fun day. Dressin' up in our fav outfits and taking pics really makes you feel good about your self. I'll be back tomorrow with my sister's final wedding video! Yay!

Talk to you soon!