It was the day we'd all been waiting for. Madi and Josh's wedding day. They got married on March 3rd, 2015. A.K.A the coldest day of the year. We were all freezing but, that didn't stop us from having an amazing day. It was so cool to see my sister in her wedding dress with her (now) husband. I love Josh and Madi so much and I am so happy their eternity has started.

Here is that marvelous day in review. I love all of the pictures Madi's photographer got. She is amazing. Her name is Breanna, from Breanna White Photography, and was so fun to work with. All the credit for these amazing pics go to her, check her out! 

The Ceremony

They got married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. I love that temple and let's just say it was perfect.

 His cute niece ran up to give Madi a hug, she is the cutest.

 So happy I can now officially call him my Brother-in-law. Yay!

 His family..

 Ever since the day she was born Madi has loved her. They have been best friends ever since. Such a cute picture.

 Love my cute sisters!
 The classic family photo. 

 The bridesmaids and groomsmen. Lookin' classy as ever.

 My parents and the sis, great pic.

 His parents are the nicest people. My sister is very lucky to have them.

Okay, now for the cool pictures. Breanna is amazing.

 One of my favorite ones, right there.

They got engaged at the same place three and a half months earlier. What a cool picture to have. 

The Reception

The reception was held at The Old Meeting House. So elegant and perfect for the "vintagey" look she was going for.

 The cake was one of my favorite parts, so pretty. The Old Meeting House actually did the cake, the linens, the centerpieces, the food, practically everything! So awesome!

 The food was simple. A chocolate fountain with some strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, rice krispies and a couple other things. So yummy.

 I love love love the bridesmaids skirts. They are fabulous. When me and Madi saw them we knew they were perfect! She got them from Poppy and Dot. They went with the Gold and Pink theme so amazingly well.

Dancing. It's fun, and we all loved it.

 The send off

Sparklers were the perfect thing to use to send them off. 

Fun Fact: Madi actually forgot her phone and had to turn around and come back after they washed his car. Ha!

I am so happy for my sister. The day was amazing.

Thanks for reading!